3. Zoologist Lucy Cooke is on a mission to educate people about sloths. Her new book The Power Of Sloth is full of the most irresistible sloth photos known to mankind .
    Baby Violet in some seriously snazzy bandages after a visit to the "slothpital".
    Mateo: The Dark Lord of Cute; has the power to paralyse with a single sloth squeak.
    The sloths take a splash in special green tea to keep their skin healthy.
    Sloths have very poor table manners. They munch with their mouths open and frequently fall asleep in their food.
    Don't worry nobody is going to cook this tiny sloth – it just looks cute in here!
    Did somebody order a bucket of sloth? Every home should have one: a party-sized bucket of sloth hugs to go around.
    The Choloepus are the cousins of the Bradypus and have just two fingers. They look more like a cross between a Wookie and a pig.
    No one knows how long a sloth can live. Queen Buttercup has just turned twenty, making her the oldest-living, captive three fingered sloth.


    The cutest animal ever: melt at the Power of Sloth - in pictures

    What’s your favourite animal? Warning, it might be about to change when you see these pictures from Lucy Cooke’s new book The Power of Sloth.
    Prepare to crumble, very slowly, into a heap of happiness as you learn more about a species about which you may know very little.  All photos by Lucy Cooke. Please note ~ the photos are captioned with information about these adorable sloths. 

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    me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 

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    Sumidero Canyon, Mexico | Travis White

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    Volcano in a volcano: Mt. Barujari is an active volcano in the Segara Anak crater lake of Mt. Rinjani in Indonesia | Carlos Peñalba

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